Deliverable 5.3 Creating Shared Value for the European Transport Sector (Version 1)

The overall objective of the LeMO dissemination strategy is to stimulate ongoing interest from all stakeholders and interested parties and engage them in a dialogue throughout the course of the project. The success of LeMO will require active involvement of industrial parties, government, policy makers and standards organizations in order to ensure a good understanding and sense of ownership of LeMO’s big data recommendations and research & policy roadmap. In this report, we present LeMO’s strategy to build a LeMO community that will contribute to maximum exploitation of the results of the project in and for the European transport sector. The strategy is supported by a methodology to map the taxonomy of stakeholders in the LeMO community that enables to assess the strengths & weaknesses of creating shared value through the interactions of stakeholders in the LeMO community.

The LeMO community is created around four smaller communities:

  1. Members of the Advisory & Reference Group (ARG)
  2. Case studies
  3. Clustering with other projects
  4. The network of each of the partners

The following conclusions are made with respect of creating shared value through the interactions of stakeholders in the LeMO community:

  • There are ample opportunities of creating shared value through the LeMO community, especially in Western and Northern Europe.
  • Members in the ARG are representing in almost equal numbers both public and private organisations. In addition, organisations cooperating with LeMO in the case studies are mostly information- or data service providers, and are therefore having a role as data facilitators. The expectation is that during the research for these case studies more stakeholders with relevance to LeMO will be identified.