Deliverable 3.2 Case study reports on constructive findings on the prerequisites of successful big data implementation in the transport sector

The deliverable presents seven reports of the case studies conducted in Work Package 3 during Task 3.2. The case studies conducted are the following:

• Case study 1 “Railway transport”

• Case study 2 “Open data and the transport sector”

• Case study 3 “Real-time traffic management”

• Case study 4 “Logistics and consumer preferences”

• Case study 5 “Smart inland shipping”

• Case study 6 “Optimised transport & improved customer service”

• Case study 7 “Big data and intelligent transport systems”

The methodology outlined in D3.1 “Case study methodology” was used as a template for each of the case studies. The template provided a consistent, but flexible approach to address the unique circumstances and learnings in each case study. It also leveraged the case study leaders’ strengths in understanding the applications of big data technology in transport operations.

Besides developing a deep understanding of the big data technology and its business applications, the case studies also present an analysis of the issues that serve as ‘opportunities’ and ‘barriers’ to the implementation of big data, as well as the resulting outcomes of the implementation. These issues were analysed using the knowledge developed in Work Packages 1 and 2 of the LeMO project, from economic, political, social and ethical, legal, and environmental perspectives.