Transport stakeholders are interested in the case studies that LeMO will undertake

The LeMO project has established a good collaboration with the Big Data Europe (BDE) project. The LeMO project participated in the BDE SC4 workshop in September 2017 and has also contributed a blog entry on the future of big data in transport to the BDE website.

On 2nd February 2018, the Big Data Europe (BDE) societal challenge on transport (SC4) hosted its third and final hangout. Entitled “The Way Forward for Big Data in Transport”, the hangout presented the results of the work done in the BDE project and discussed future of big data in the transport sector. We thank the BDE project for hosting us during SC4 Webinar and publishing LeMO presentation on their blog. The LeMO presentation at the webinar focused on the key objectives and activities of the LeMO project. 

After the LeMO presentation, webinar participants were asked to cast their vote in the poll,  concerning the LeMO case studies. Most of the BDE followers present at the webinar would like to learn more about the open data and transport case study that LeMO will undertake.

For more details read the BDE blog.

LeMO project in final webinar of Big Data Europe Project

LeMO coordinator, Rajendra Akerkar, presented the project in webinar organised by Big Data Europe Project on Friday, 2nd December 2017. The purpose of this webinar was to discuss the way forward for big data in transport. LeMO objectives, scope and outline of case studies were discussed in the webinar.