The LeMO project's interim review in Brussels

On Wednesday, 26 June 2019 the LeMO project team travelled to Brussels for the 1st interim period review meeting by the INEA & EC. The team presented in detail the work done so far, demonstrating results, facts and achievements as these have occurred during the first 18 months lifetime.


The agenda for the day was full as a broad range of topics needed to be covered in the space of six hours. The Coordinator and Work Package Leaders gave concise presentations on key achievements made, potential challenges faced and next steps of each work package. The Project Officer provided comments after each presentation. Once the series of presentations was over the progress and main results had been discussed.

The first impression of the team after the review completion was that of satisfaction and recognition of the excellent work done so far, of course with some constructive feedback. The commitment of the different partners all along the project half-life, but also during the review preparation was excellent, leading to important achievements, and a comprehensive defense of them in front of the Project Officer. It was very successful meeting and a good opportunity to get feedback from the project officer.

It is with enthusiasm that the Partners have embarked on the second half of the project and are now busy preparing for the trend analysis and road-mapping set to start this summer.

LeMO co-organised workshop on "Policy issues, opportunities and barriers in big data-driven transport" at EBDVF 2018.

LeMO project has co-organised a workshop on "Policy issues, opportunities and barriers in big data-driven transport" at EBDVF 2018. The workshop was organised in cooperation with the BDVA Mobility & Logistics Subgroup & the TransformingTransport project on 14 November at Siemens Conference Center, Vienna. Considering the objectives of the LeMO and TransformingTransport projects, the interaction with industry experts is fundamental to challenge and validate the findings.

LeMO Coordinator, Rajendra Akerkar (WNRI) presented an overview of the LeMO project and described progress so far. Tharsis Teoh (Panteia) presented an analysis of the economic and political issues that are relevant to big data in transport. Further, Jasmien César (Bird & Bird) and Tharsis Teoh (Panteia ) reviewed policies supporting or restricting the (re‐) use, linking of and sharing of data in the transport sector. They described the work done on public and private policy issues in the first phase of the project. Jasmien César (Bird & Bird) also presented an analysis of various legal issues relevant to utilisation of big data in managing transport operations.

Adrián Irala Briones (INDRA) presented TransformingTransport project and big data challenges in the transport sector.

Akrivi Vivian Kiousi (INTRASOFT, TT) gave a brief summary of examples / Policy contribution topics highlighted by TransformingTransport Lighthouse project.

We invited representatives from key running Horizon 2020 projects in order to attempt to ensure cooperation and collaboration for a policy roadmapping activity. The following projects participated in the session:

  • Track and Know (Big Data for Mobility Tracking) - Dr Ibad Kureshi (INLECOM)

  • BigData Ocean (Maritime) - Dr Michele Osella (NTUA)

  • ICARUS (Aviation) - Dr Fenareti Lampathaki (SUITE5)

  • AEGIS (Public Safety and Personal Security) - Mr Perkakis (UBI) TBD

  • QROWD (Innovative Solutions to improve mobility and reduce traffic congestion) - Dr Luis-Daniel Ibáñez (SOTON)

  • CERTH (Results of Smart Mobility Living Lab providing cooperative services to passengers and freight respectively). - Josep Maria Salanova (CERTH)

We further reached out to the audience to gather valuable feedback that aims in the formation of a policy roadmap relating to the topics identified for big data in transport.

Ultimately, the results of the workshop, as fed by experts (including attendees of EBDVF 2018), will enable the identification of industry-led recommendations to (EU) policymakers in relation to big data, with a focus on the transport sector driving a roadmap creation activity to be fed by big data specialists and to validate, clarify, complement and/or challenge the identified opportunities, barriers and limitation to exploit big data.

Mrs Akrivi Vivian Kiousi of TransformingTransport project played a role of moderator in this workshop.