Scientific Methodology

The LeMO project comprises of three phases of work: an opening investigation, an exploration of societal impact, and the future direction for efficient utilisation of transport big data. Phase 1 of the LeMO project involves a review and mapping exercise to define what constitutes “big data” in transport sector and comprises work packages 1 and 2. Work package 1 involves the generation of a shared understanding of the current big data landscape, including relevant technologies, applications, initiatives, policies and infrastructures. Work package 2 explores the various societal issues associated with transport big data, (e.g., economic, legal, ethical, political and social issues; open access and public sentiment towards big data).

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The findings of Phase 1 feed into Phase 2 of the project, which involves the exploration of present and future societal impacts relating to the use of big data. In work package 3 partners will conduct a series of seven case studies, using qualitative methods such as interviews with case study representatives to identify research opportunities, limitations and challenges.

The results of Phase 1 and 2 will feed into Phase 3 of the LeMO project, which involves establishing direction to support European transport stakeholders in capturing a larger share of the big data market by appropriately addressing opportunities, challenges and limitations associated with transport big data. Work package 4 will undertake a horizontal analysis of the case study findings to identify sector specific challenges, opportunities and limitations. In addition, partners will devise a methodology for measuring the extent to which opportunities may be augmented and limitations can be lessened. Work package 4 will also produce a research and policy recommendations for identifying and addressing the societal impacts of big data, particularly strengthening opportunities and diminishing limitations associated with big data in transport sector.  

Work package 5 on stakeholder engagement maps the relevant stakeholders within the transport big data ecosystem. The consortium will also develop a stakeholder contact list, and liaise with the LeMO Advisory & Reference Group (ARG) and other national and international research projects to help build upon the project’s contacts. This work package spans all three phases of the project, as stakeholder engagement is crucial to the success of LeMO.

Work package 6 on project management also extents all three phases of the project as effective management of the project is essential to ensure that LeMO achieves its objectives.