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Vestlandsforsking (Western Norway Research Institute) is a non-profit research and development institute devoted to serve the needs of businesses, industry and public bodies. The institute plays a key role in bringing research and the private and public sectors together as a community builder.

The institute’s Big Data Research Group specializes in the utilising of big data and semantic science for data integration, analysis and process management. One of our research objectives is to identify value that big data can provide from the discovery of strategic information up to its analysis and exploitation. Our principal research areas are applications of semantic technologies, knowledge discovery in big data, with application to, among others, emergency management, tourism, healthcare, and mobility.  Our group has also extensive experience in requirements elicitation, specification, analysis and management; design and execution of empirical studies (case studies, action research); validation of innovative solutions through large scale demonstrations, pilots or testing of use cases in a real setting. We offer cross-industry expertise, technological and socio-economic insight, and commitment to sustainable solutions.

LeMO team

Lead contact: Prof. Dr. Rajendra Akerkar (LeMO Co-ordinator)

Dr. Min-Sung Hong

Dr. Otto Andersen

Anna Maria Urbaniak-Brekke

The Frankfurt Big Data Lab was established at the University of Frankfurt in Since 2011. The objective of the Big Data Lab is to carry out research in the domains of big data and data analytics. Our approach is based on the interdisciplinary binding between data management, data processing, streaming technologies and big data analytics.

The lab is located in Frankfurt, the financial metropolis of central Europe and targets to be a source of knowledge and expertise both for research and industry applications.
The Frankfurt Big Data Lab at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Germany is one of the leading and internationally recognized research groups in the field of databases, information systems and e-business.

LeMO team

Lead contact: Rut Waldenfels  

Prof. Dott. Ing. Roberto V. Zicari

CORTE is an international (non-profit) organisation bringing together national transport authorities from European and non EU countries having a responsibility in the field of road transport, road security and road safety. CORTE was established in 2005. The objective of the Association is to encourage, promote and assist the development and implementation of policies for road transport, road safety and road security in Europe and at international level. Foremost, the objective of CORTE is to support the development of harmonised practices throughout the EU and in neighbouring countries, including through the use of innovative technologies. To reach this objective CORTE:

  • provides a platform for reaching agreements between road transport national authorities, national and international road transport associations and the road transport industry

  • supports definition of road policies, outlining priorities defined by the European and international organisations and governmental bodies, gives advice on the implementation of these priorities preparing roadmaps, action plans, studies etc.

  • supports the activities of its members and stakeholders, the European Institutions, the United Nations and other international organizations through the participation of international projects (e.g. EU Commission DG MOVE, DG JRC, DG Home, DG Research, GSA).

The CORTE Membership is currently composed of 60 Members:

  • 27 national authorities / Full Members representing 21 EU countries and 19 non EU countries;

  • 13 associations / Associate Members representing road sectors such infrastructure, road safety, road users, transport companies and commercial drivers;

  • 20 observers representing the road transport industry.

  • Full list of CORTE Members

LeMO team

Lead contact: Rémy RUSSOTTO

Maruša Benkic

Bird & Bird is an international legal practice with over 1,200 lawyers and legal practitioners worldwide. It specialises in combining leading-edge expertise across a full range of legal services including advice on intellectual property, information technology, commercial, corporate, EU and competition, dispute resolution, employment, and finance. It has extensive legal expertise with respect to disruptive technologies. Recent experience includes projects relating to cloud computing, big data and 3D printing. Our network includes individual lawyers with unrivalled expertise in data protection, data security, intellectual property, open data and liability issues. Bird & Bird will leverage on this expertise in the LeMO project.

LeMO team

Lead contact: Julien Debussche

Bird & Bird Team

Panteia B.V. offers policy research, market research and consultancy for national governments, provincial governments, local councils, the European Commission, national and international organisations, trade associations and the business world in general. Panteia is organised in 4 clusters, these are acting as partners for governments, the European Commission, national and international public and private organisations, trade associations and the business world in general. In consultancy, Panteia has experience in policy assessments, qualitative and quantitative modelling, forecasting and evaluation (simulation, scenario building, economic impact analysis), project appraisal, socio-economic research, market research, transport and trade research and policy advice. Over the years, Panteia has built up a vast network of national, as well as international contacts which have led to joint ventures in China, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and the Netherlands. Panteia B.V. employs over 100 highly qualified professionals covering all relevant disciplines including transport, logistics & mobility experts, economists, econometricians, statisticians and survey experts. The head office is located in Zoetermeer (Netherlands).

LeMO team

Lead contact: Arnaud Burgess

Gerben Zwart

Tharsis Teoh

Jasper Tanis